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Wolf Cinema Projectors

Hand Crafted Home Cinema

Since 2008, the Wolf Cinema team has been crafting home theater excellence in Berkeley, California, building upon a tradition of proven imaging platforms with our unique techniques and technologies. Each hand-built projector undergoes an extensive battery of tests and quality control checks throughout the production process - all to ensure your home theater projector delivers that “Wow!” right from the start, and for many years to come.


Home Theater Projectors From Wolf Cinema


Wolf Cinema is committed to providing the highest quality reference projectors for the discerning enthusiast. We specialize in studio quality displays that can reproduce the image as the cinematographer intended you to see it. Our displays are not only reference imaging solution, but are carefully designed to meet the demands of custom installation, systems integration, control, flexibility and longevity.

Long Island Home Theater Projector


Wolf Cinema is proud to offer yet another amazing 4K home theater projector in the Theater Extreme series – model TXF-500 – a projector that delivers all the renowned Wolf Cinema imaging excellence, yet at a price that won’t break your home theater budget.

New Jersey Home Theater Projector


Yet another highly-competitive solution in our Theater Extreme product series: the TXF-1000, with with Texas Instruments’ latest 0.66” UHD/4K DLP® imaging chip set and boasts significantly higher light output (5000 ANSI) than many others in this price class.

Westchester Home Theater Projector


Introducing the TXF-1700 - yet another exciting UHD/4K DLP® laser/phosphor imaging solution in Wolf Cinema's Theater Extreme series. Suitable for theater screens up to 16' (-5 meters) wide, the TXF-1700 casts images with amazing 4K detail and deep contrast.

Nassau County Home Theater Projector


Wolf Cinema’s TXF-3400 MK II and TXF-4000 MK II high output DLP® laser-phosphor projectors – with peak white performance rated at 7,500 ANSI [TXF-3400 MK II ] and 10,000 ANSI [TXF-4000 MK II] – for use in business, scholastic and house of worship locales.

NJ Home Theater Projector


Delivering another great value in our Theater Extreme series of home theater projectors, Wolf Cinema proudly introduces the TXF-700. Crafted with Texas Instrument’s UHD/4K DLP® chip set, the TXF-700 will produce amazing images for all your favorite sources.

New York Home Theater Projector


Introducing the TXF-1100 – an all-new “lampless” UHD/4K DLP® laser/phosphor imaging solution in Wolf Cinema’s Theater Extreme series. Suitable for home theater screens up to 14’ (~4.2 meters) wide, the TXF-1100 creates breathtakingly life-like images.

Hamptons Home Theater Projector


Imagine owning one of the world’s finest UHD/4K home cinema projectors, one that casts razor sharp, color accurate, truly breathtaking images from all your favorite sources – including those from the latest 4K sources embedded with frame-based HDR!

Queens Home Theater Projector


Wolf Cinema proudly presents the reference edition in our home theater extreme projection series – the TXF-5000. Boasting an all new, 0.69 inch three-chip native 4K [4096 x 2160] D-ILA® technology core, and illuminated by a 20,000-hour life Blu-Escent™ laser.

NYC Home Theater Projector


Wolf Cinema is proud to present our latest development in ultra-short-throw home theater projectors - model TXF-950. Engineered with our BluHD™ 20,000 hour illumination technologies, the TXF-950 will cast a breathtakingly realistic image for years to come.

Manhattan Home Theater Projector


There’s no mistaking the TXF-1500 cinematic performances: viewers will enjoy the nuances in complex film scenes,everyone will marvel at the incredible photographic detailed imaging, and experience that feeling that “you are there” when watching your favorite content in 4K

Suffolk County Home Theater Projector


Your Wolf Cinema team continues the quest to create the near-perfect home theater solution: introducing the TXF-3500. Video perfectionists can now enjoy one of our reference projectors that delivers lifelike pictures via 8K on-screen imaging technologies!

Brooklyn Home Theater Projector

ProScaler MK 7

Wolf Cinema’s latest ProScaler MK 7 imaging platform can be mated with any of our UHD/4K Wolf Cinema projectors. Engineered in consort with industry guru Jim Peterson, this system delivers the ultimate in image fidelity, calibration accuracy and integration.

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