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J&G Audio Sales is proud to offer Draper projection screens and Indoor / Outdoor shading solutions. The community-driven Draper, Inc. is your go to resource for innovative audiovisual and solar control solutions that will meet all of your needs from a simple job up to the most complex challenges with high quality products in shorter lead times than any other company out there! Below you will find the most popular products from Draper but we encourage you to contact us here to learn more about this evolving company and its growing selection of screen and shading solutions. We can tell you they are quickly becoming the dealer's choice in smart motorized shades.


Draper motorized shades are the perfect way to add style and comfort to your home. Their custom automated shades give you the ultimate in convenience and light control, while protecting your furniture and décor from fading. Whether you’re looking for a simple, elegant solution for your living room or a more sophisticated design for your bedroom, Draper is you partner with the perfect way to elevate your home’s décor. With a wide range of colors, materials, and textures to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect window shade to suit your unique style. Contact us today to learn more about how custom window shades can transform your Long Island Home into the beautiful retreat you’ve always wanted.


Motorized FlexShade® - AC models

Drape‍r AC hardwired motorized shades are UL listed, so you can be sure of years of safe, reliable performance. Each version is available with hundreds of fabric color and openness choices, and with hardware options to fit with any style or need.

Traditional, Smart, and Radio Technology Somfy® motors feature a wide array of external control options, including wall switches, handheld remotes, and integration with third party home control systems, to provide the perfect solution for your home.

Motorized FlexShade® - Low Voltage or Rechargeable models

Low voltage window shades are quiet, consume less power, and require less wiring by an electrician. They are easy to integrate with home automation or lighting systems, ensuring your shades are always where they need to be and provide you with long-term, worry-free performance. RTS, Smart, and Dry Contact versions are available with the same fabric and hardware choices as Motorized FlexShade® AC models.

Rechargeable battery-powered window shades offer the convenience of motorization without the hassle of hardwiring and electricians. Choose from two battery options: a re-loadable battery wand, or a rechargeable Li-ion battery motor. Somfy® wireless RTS controls make this shade simple to program and easy to use.


Dual Roller models

Who says you can’t have it all? Enjoy the comfort of glare-free natural light during the day, and privacy and security in the evening. Dual Roller FlexShade®: The Drape‍r Dual Roller FlexShade® allows both light filtering and room darkening shades in the same window. Dual roller shades are available with all Drape‍r motorization and control options.


Manual FlexShade® models

Elegant roller shades are operated with convenient bead chain clutches. Affordable and easy to install. The Clutch-Operated FlexShade® NEXD offers heavy-duty performance. The non-operable FlexShade® Panel is for hard-to-reach openings.


Outdoor FlexShade® models

Comfortable outdoor spaces are more important than ever. Use shades to expand your home’s useable square footage without adding on. Easily create inviting outdoor spaces that are protected from the sun, wind, rain, and even insects with Drape‍r outdoor shades. Control options range from switches to handheld remotes to integration with lighting and other smart home systems.

Solutions are available with side channels or cable guides. “Zipper” shades keep the fabric firmly in place and provides protection from wind, weather, and insects.

Screen Innovation Motrized Shades


All Drape‍r@Home motorized shades utilize Somfy® motors and controls.

Whether you want simple wall switches, a handy remote, voice control, or integration with your smart home, we offer solutions that are reliable and simple to use. Drape‍r@Home motorized and battery-powered shades use industry standard Somfy® motors and controls. Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) is the Somfy® exclusive control platform which enables users to adjust motorized window shades from virtually anywhere.



Manufacturing premium projector screens takes deep knowledge. Draper has been doing it since 1957, and have continually upped their game: They’ve invested millions of dollars on specialized production and testing equipment and in-depth employee training to produce high quality, high performing solutions.

Draper provides a wide range of motorized, manual, fixed, and portable screens for front and rear projection. Small spaces, huge venues, brightly-lit conference centers, residential home theatres, mission-critical control centers, and medical imaging—whatever installation or ambient environment challenges you face, they have a solution.

Electric-Projection-Screen Long Island.jpg
Pull-Down-Projection-Screen Long Island.jpg

Electric Projection Screens

Draper® electric projection screen models feature motorized retractable surfaces, a range of motor and control options, and the widest selection of viewing surfaces in the industry. Click a screen model to see the available options.

To find the perfect screen model for your application, use the filters below to select your mounting method, viewing surface type, and size range.

Manual Pull Down Projection Screens

For those who appreciate a classic home theater set-up, a manual pull down projection screen is the ideal solution. Mounted to the ceiling or wall, these screens can be pulled down by hand when you're ready to watch a movie. They're also easy to retract when you're finished, which is perfect for small spaces. Best of all, manual screens offer a sleek, uniform look that blends in seamlessly with your other home theater equipment. If you're looking for an unobtrusive way to enjoy your favorite movies, a manual pull down projection screen is an excellent option.

Fixed Projection Screens

A fixed projection screen is a screen that is permanently mounted to a wall or ceiling. Fixed screens are often used in conference rooms, classrooms, and home theaters. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials, and can be customized to fit nearly any space. Fixed screens are typically made from synthetic fabrics or metal meshes, which provide a smooth, flat surface for projection. One advantage of fixed screens is that they can be tensioned to reduce wrinkles and ensure a consistent image quality. Additionally, fixed screens can be equipped with security features such as locks or metal brackets to deter theft.Fixed projection screens are a popular choice for many organizations because they offer a professional appearance and durability. However, they require more installation effort than portable screens, and they are not as easily relocated if the need arises.


Folding Projection Screens

The most common type of projection screen is the folded projection screen. Folded projection screens are made up of several panels that are connected together with hinges. This design allows the screen to be compact when not in use, and then quickly unfolded into a large screen when needed. Folded projection screens are available in a variety of sizes and materials, making them a versatile option for both home and commercial use.

Portable Projection Screens

Portable projection screens are especially popular because they can be easily transported from one location to another. This makes them ideal for presentations, classrooms, and other settings where a fixed screen would be impractical. However, portable screens also come with a few potential drawbacks. First, they may not be as stable as a fixed screen, which can make it more difficult to get a clear image. Second, portable screens typically have a lower quality than fixed screens, meaning that the image may not be as sharp or vivid. Nevertheless, portable projection screens offer a convenient way to enjoy projected images in a wide range of settings.

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